Ductless Systems

At Greenlight Cooling & Heating, we’ve installed countless traditional HVAC units over the years. But we’re also big fans of ductless heating & cooling systems.

In many cases, ductless systems – sometimes also called split systems, split-ductless systems or multi-split systems – are a more efficient and cost-effective option.

Ductless systems make it easier for climate control on a room- or zone-specific basis. Rather than using the traditional heat pump and central air solution that pushes treated air for long distances and into larger spaces, the ductless system can provide temperature controlled air into the specific place where it’s needed.

When you factor in added benefits such as cleaner air, less energy use and in some cases, rebates & tax credits for installations, ductless systems can be a preferred choice.

Experienced Greenlight technicians take pride in considering every option for our customers, and will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of ductless systems for your specific situation. Contact us at 919-500-0087, via email, or by filling out our online form, to schedule your appointment.


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